My Services

Let’s Smash  Barriers Together!
My work is to unlock hearts and unleash potential. I’m a good listener devoted to the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of all I’m fortunate enough to meet on this gorgeous adventure called life.
Full psycho-educational assessments using cognitive, emotional, academic and neurological assessment tools.
For emotional and behavioural difficulties, such as trauma, bereavement, anxiety, depression and defiance. Using post-modern approaches such as Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapy in play, art, and talk.
I present engaging workshops for parents, educators and officials around  Sexual Abuse, Behavioural Challenges, Ethics, and Cognitive Neuroscience.
Academic Challenges
Suspected ADHD / ADD, reading, writing and mathematical difficulties, exam stress and anxiety, and study methods.
Emotional Difficulties
Emotional difficulties such as trauma, anxiety and bereavement. Issues relating to undesirable behaviour.
Career Counselling
Career Assessments, aptitude, personality, values, and interests. Including interviews/counselling on findings.

Talks &

I am able to present on a multitude of topics and offer talks based on each school’s unique needs.

I have presented a number of workshops and seminars to parents, educators and district officials, such as:
– Sexual abuse protocol in schools
– Ethics in the school environment
– Discipline versus punishment
– Dealing with behavioural challenges in class
– Cognitive neuroscience: Why good children come across as naughty

Frances Kaplan is an educational psychologist who has a passion for children and working with their families.


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